Leach Heath Medical Centre

Date:- Thursday 6th February 2020
Attendees:- MH,JJ,PM,JA,SP,VR,BL,JB,S

Minutes from the last meeting discussed.

1. Staff Changes – Dr Kenney & Dr Hemmings are both on maternity leave, Dr Kenney will return to work in September 20 and Dr Hemmings in January 21. Dr Jo Davies is no longer a partner she is now a salaried GP. Dr Simon Carter will retire in September 2020. Dr Ahmed is looking to reduce from 7 sessions to 5 sessions per week from May 2020 and Dr Khanna is looking to reduce from 5 sessions per week to 4 from May. We have 3 locums covering maternity leave they are Dr Kaur, Dr Putta and Dr Yasin Al-Shammary. Teresa one of our receptionist team will retire in April and we are advertising for an Apprentice to take her place.

2. Social Prescriber – We have 2 social prescribers now Ross Andrews and Junior Christie. Junior has just started and is asking patients to complete forms with regards what activities they would be interested in seeing at the practice and will be looking at holding events in and around the practice. Ross is from Health Exchange and will remain at the practice on a Tuesday. Junior is from The Active Wellbeing Society. They will work together to ensure that there is a streamlined referral process.

3. Lloyds Pharmacy (Rubery) – Last year in a previous PPG meeting we discussed discrepancies with the pharmacies and whether they are following the protocol when ordering patients medications. Some pharmacies are very good and follow the protocol, but it appeared that Lloyds Rubery were not doing this so we had a discussion with them and they decided that they would no longer order patients medications as they do not have enough staff to enable them to follow the correct protocol. They have been advising patients though, that it was our decision to do this so we have had a few disgruntled patients. They have also been incorrectly advising patients that we will no longer send patients electronic (EPS) prescriptions to Lloyds Rubery, which is not the case. Josie has spoken to the area manager of Lloyds and advised them of our concerns, he advised that they are having a new pharmacist starting and would keep in touch with us with updates but is looking at getting back to them ordering patients medications using the proper processes.

4. New website – We are investing in a new website, it should be up and running within the next 4 weeks, Josie did demonstrate the BG Health website which will be very similar to ours. If you can think of anything to include please let us know and it will be demonstrated at the next meeting.

5. CQC – We had our telephone review on the 10th January 20, nothing has changed our rating is still GOOD. There will be no another telephone review next year.

6. AOB – The ROH hub and LIVI appointments were discussed and we have the biggest uptake in our PCN for utilising these appointments.

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